Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Software Jobs in the USA

Dominating the world software industry since its inception, the US software industry needs a steady inflow of software engineers to keep that dominance. From the innovative Apple Computers, to the desktop dominance of Microsoft, the dominance of Google in worldwide search and related web technologies, and the animation and 3D expertise of Pixar and Lucas Arts, American companies are the leaders in almost all domains of computer industry. In fact, most of the competition for these companies comes from other American companies, and not from foreign companies. To fuel this dominance, US companies require filling hundred of thousands of software jobs every year.

Top Software Employers in US

Apart from the companies mentioned above, other large software companies in US include IBM, Oracle, Accenture, SAP AG, Hewlett Packard, Yahoo!, Dell, Cap Gemini, Symantec and CA (Computer Associates). Together they employ hundreds of thousands of engineers and developers. The total number of software engineers and others employed in Microsoft alone tops more than 55,000!
Many of these companies have their own products, whereas others work on the model of servicing a client. In the latter case, these companies will take on projects from their clients, and work it on completion - the projects can involve building software, maintaining IT infrastructure like mainframes, and providing IT infrastructure.

Searching for Software Jobs in US 

You can apply to most US software company's through their websites - they will list out their vacancies from time to time. Another way is to use sites like monster.com. Networking is another way of landing a job interview - if you are looking for a job, contact your friends, ex colleagues, and clients about any positions suitable for you. They may be able to tell you about a position which you can then apply for. Maintaining and using your profile on Linkedln.com is another way of getting a job through networking. Craigslist too is used by many company's and hiring agencies to advertise open positions.

Though off-shoring has been quite a buzzword lately with respect to technology jobs, fact is that off-shored jobs account for only a small percentage of total requirements. With an appropriate degree, there still is great scope of making a career out of the software industry in the USA.

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